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The IOA Corporate 5K is clock timed. Participants will be responsible for noting their own time as they cross the start and finish line. The Team Captain will be responsible for submitting the lowest (4) finish times on their team to the Information Tent for scoring. Not interested in competing? No worries at all, the team scoring is optional.


Please visit the Awards & Challenges page for the full list of industries.

How It Works

Teams will be scored by the total team time of the fastest four (4) team members. The 1st place team in each industry will receive an award.

  • Each participant is responsible for noting their 5K time. Your official time is calculated from when you cross the start line to when you cross the finish line. 

  • Participants will notify their Team Captain(s) of their time.

  • The Team Captain(s) will be take the lowest (4) times they receive and submit them to the Information Tent by 8:30 PM.

  • The Team Score is calculated by the total time of the (4) fastest team members.

  • The team with the lowest Team Score in each division will be crowned the Division Champion


  • Only employees / members of the organization are eligible for scoring.

  • Guests are not eligible for participant and / or industry awards.

  • CEO's and top finishers are eligible for team scoring.

  • To be eligible for team scoring all (4) employees / members MUST be listed as employees within registration.

  • Each participant can only be placed on one (1) scoring team.   

Team Scoring